OTT Business Advisory & Strategy

Monetizing video across platforms has become complicated as business models, technologies, audience preferences and platforms change. Old infrastructure no longer works in the complicated new world of monetization and distribution.

We understand your business and bring a unique set of skills that enable us to assess your business model, technology stack and resources, to help develop your OTT strategy. We’ll assess whether you need to create a new OTT property, or consolidate legacy infrastructure across multiple networks to create efficiency, scalability and more accurate reporting.

OTT Implementation and Customization

We have resources, partnerships and our own proprietary technology to develop and evolve any OTT environment. We also work with all OTT technology providers to deploy the best solution necessary to meet your needs.

Our off-the-shelf solution can be customized to support any technical or brand requirement from high-end design to interactive experiences, we can make the art of the possible happen.

Content Curation & Syndication

If you are a video content owner, your options to distribute and monetize your assets on digital platforms like Roku, TubiTV and Amazon Prime are slim. You can either take the gamble with an aggregator service and pay their high, up-front fees; or use a traditional distributor and give the rights away to your content plus face a convoluted process, hidden costs and little transparency over how your content has monetized.

We offer something better. To help you make the most from your content, we’ve expanded our services to include multi-platform AVOD syndication. We operate on a 70/30 (customer/dotstudioPRO) rev-share with no platform delivery fees. Alongside our active content placement and transparent reporting, our solution is quick, risk-free and perfect for testing and optimizing second window rights.

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