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Scalable, Agile and Reliable streaming networks for everyone.

About Us

Founded in 2010, dotstudioPRO are experts in developing OTT networks and video streaming experiences. Operating in Canada and the US, with customers across North America helping OTT Networks push the boundaries of engagement and monetization while creating a technical foundation for growth.
By leveraging our state-of-the art technologies and our 40+ years of industry experience, our customers, broadcasters, media-content owners and service providers engage audiences, monetize content and work with us to help tackle some of the most complex challenges in B2C, OTT – turning vision into reality.
So whether you are creating a new OTT property, or you need to update or consolidate your legacy infrastructure, we’ll roll up our sleeves and partner with you, to help you get the job done. ​
Our Proprietary Off the Shelf Technology:

Enterprise-Level CMS & API’s

dotstudioPRO’s flagship software-as-a service CMS and API’s support your time-sensitive publishing workflows, making changing videos, playlists and monetization rules in real-time fast and accurate.

Premium React Native SDK’s

Premium React Native SDK’s

Our leading Enterprise SDK’s for TV and Media, built for multiscreen, allows you to deploy to any platform using one single code base allowing common functionality between all platforms, mobile, TV-connected devices, Smart TV’s and set-top boxes.

Our values

Bespoke advice and customizable solutions

You need a technology and business partner that fully understands your goals. So this is where we start, and then devise solutions that work best for you, and only you.

Trust and integrity

In this business, you can’t afford surprises. So we offer clear and transparent terms, including transcoding, storage, and bandwidth costs.

In-depth business and technology expertise

We are innovators and acclaimed thought leaders with 40+ years combined industry experience. We get your business, your drivers, your audiences and how you can make or save money tomorrow.


We take the pain away from running an OTT environment so you can focus on what you do best - running a business and entertaining audiences.

Next gen solutions

Your business is constantly changing but that’s okay we’ve got you covered. Our cutting-edge technology grows as your business needs evolve - our solutions are always scaleable

Best in class vendor partners

For us, it’s all about the company you keep, so we only work with the best vendors on the market. If there’s a problem we can’t solve, guaranty we know the right team who can

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Meet the team

Joe Pascual

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Selena Paskalidis

Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder

Phoenix Gonzalez

Chief Sales Advisor & Co-Founder

Matt Iakhno

Lead Software Engineer

Ketan Sakariya

Lead App SDK Manager

Mohsin Shaikh

Lead App Engineer

Matt Lucky

Customer Success Product Manager

Veronika Chernikova

Technical Software Manager

John Pascual

Product QA Testing Manager

Jhod Cardinal

Vice President of Content Distribution & Aquistion

Azamela Hrbinic

Customer & Business Affairs Manager
Manager of Content Programming and Distribution

Jonathan Harvey

Content Programming & Distribution Manager

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