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Award Winning CMS Designed To Support All Your Video Use Cases Imaginable

dotstudioPRO’s streamlined intuitive interface and features are designed around the video industry’s specific use cases. We are your central solution to build out your next-generation video network’s foundation. Discover the best-in-class tools that make your OTT network’s evolution drive results.

Effortlessly Ingest and Organize Your Video Libraries.

Because we believe in being additive to your existing workflow dotstudioPRO offers multiple ways to ingest and organize your video content. Whether you have a small or large video library of short-form content, movies, and tv episodes, our online video CMS makes it easy to prepare, sort, manage and organize your entire video library, with convenient features like:

  • Automated ingest using CSV or MRSS import
  • Automatic or manual metadata set-up including connectors to Grace Note and IMDB with 15+ batch organization tools on a video metadata level including things like Video Types, Languages, Seasons, and Sunset Dates
  • Manually or Dynamically organize playlists, based on tags, genres, and keywords to ready your video content for multi-platform distribution
  • Automatic or manual geo-blocking and DMA codes
  • Priority image handling service that converts video thumbnails on the fly with effects like percentage-based blurring and image cropping 

Control Content Regionalization With Ease

Geo-blocking enabled at the content level so you can control your content right restricting user access to locations at a per-country level all the way down to zip codes.

  • Control at a per video
  • Control at an APP level
  • Change geo-blocking setting at will
  • Block the entire website and apps from displaying in any countries
  • Block specific content from appearing in specific countries
  • Block specific content from appearing in specific locations based on zipcodes

Multiple Monetization Tools In One Dashboard

Hybrid monetize to meet your end consumers’ desire to engage with your OTT network. Whether you’re looking to serve video advertising, offer subscription packages, or one-time transactional purchases of your video assets dotstudioPRO offers;

  • Preconfigured ad-server support for the top ad-server in the industry
  • Traffic ads globally per device and granularly all the way down to each ad break per device
  • Pre-roll, Mid-Roll (Ad-Podding), and Post-Rolls Scheduling
  • Integration and support for today’s top SSAI providers
  •  Create unlimited subscription products with mixed monetization models
  • Create transactional video-on-demand products with pre-sell capabilities

Content Publishing To Multiple Destinations

Our multi-layer video, channel, and category taxonomy was built to support your content management, distribution, and syndication strategy. 

  • Control exactly which subset of content is available on your direct-to-consumer Apps for each device
  • Drag and drop functionality for category rail reordering that updates your direct-to-consumer Apps in realtime
  • Make content deliver for VOD and Fast Channels easily managed under the same hood
  • Preconfigured delivery specifications to over 30+ 3rd destinations like TRC, Pluto TV, Plex, WURL, Amagi, Frequency and more

OTT Infrastructure & System Integration

Increase performance, decrease costs and maximize ROI
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Not all CMSs are built the same.  Our team of engineers has had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most talented teams integrating a large arsenal of 3rd party technology services that help our clients gain access to specialized products from contextual ads to segment-based analytics that enhance how they manage, monetize and track their streaming services success. 


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