Indian Paintbrush

Re-imagining OTT interactivity for Indian Paintbrush and extending their content lifespan

Indian Paintbrush is an American film production company and since 2007, has had production credit for each of Wes Anderson’s films including The Grand Budapest Hotel. With Filmstruck (film streaming service by Turner Classic Movies) as their inspiration, they came to us with a vision to launch a unique, film-centric, OTT service with interactivity features not yet explored by consumers in an OTT environment. With 40+ years of combined experience in the film and entertainment sector, we lavished the opportunity to work with this niche player. Recognizing we spoke the same language, coupled with our in-depth technical expertise, they selected us to help turn their vision into reality.

As a boutique firm focused on customer success, we brought together best-in-class development partners to help envision, create and launch this unique, highly customized OTT experience we knew film-buffs would love. Building the service from the ground up, we led the technical delivery as the system integrator and drove the following outcomes below.

Designed the end-to-end technical architecture

Through facilitated workshops we brought together five different teams including application design firm, You.i, and UI/UX web design firm, Babysteps to establish the front-end and back-end technical architecture and the overall user-experience.

Managed the systems integration

by overseeing all the data transfer and data contract sign offs across systems and platforms.

Leveraged our next generation video content management and delivery system

making our CMS the single nucleus for VOD and live linear content management, distribution and monetization across Svod/Tvod and free content.

Built new features to encourage community interaction

enhancing the OTT experience beyond just ‘watching a movie’ and extending the overall content lifespan.

We and all of our partners are so proud to have been part of this project and can’t wait for this service to launch in XXXX, 2020.