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What is FAST Engine?

dPRO FAST Engine is  a complete back-end and front-end solution for streaming FAST Linear Channels within an electronic programming guide (EPG). FAST engine comes with an award-winning management system helping publishers ingest linear channels from today’s top playout systems, manage monetization through server-side ad insertion, normalize meta-data, and accelerate application development using out-of-the-box front end components and a RESTful API easily integrated into any existing app workflow. 

Local Now & Sports.TV lead the pack in free Sports Channels powered by dPRO Fast Engine

Allen Media Group’s Local Now and Sports.TV services, offer a wide variety of sports programming
Available FAST Sports Channels by Genre
Data shown for July 2022

State of The Art EPG Publishing & Monetization

dPRO FAST Engine truly delivers a one-of-a-kind solution for any company looking to launch their own “Pluto TV”. Our award-winning CMS helps aggregators:

  1. Manage channel order and metadata
  2. Trigger and manage SSAI
  3. Enrich metadata through Gracenote or IMDB
  4. Sync content and ad-breaks to third-party schedulers
  5. Manage Key Art and Channel Artwork
  6. Manage Geo-blocking within countries and DMA/SGA regions
  7. Manage On-Demand Catalogue 

Aggregate FAST Channels

As more content owners create content niche FAST channels to focus on new streams of revenue, aggregate their licensed FAST Channels using the dPRO FAST Engine to power your Multi-Channel Network. Launch hundreds of Fast Channels normalizing the video/metadata/SSAI from any of the Fast Channel providers in the space.

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Integrated Server Side Ad Insertion

Fast Engine boasts the most flexible yet robust SSAI solution for any Linear Channel aggregation service. Control your own ad insertion using an out-of-the-box SSAI solution or honor your content partner’s existing streams complete with passthrough advertising parameters delivered through today’s top providers such as :

  • Amagi Thunderstorm
  • Wurl Ad Spring
  • Publica SSAI
  • AWS Mediatailor

Programming Alerts

FAST Engine streams fully automated playout systems from multiple origins. This can give aggregators a lack of control over any program scheduling issues originating from the source. This can result in a less than desirable user experience. FAST Engine Alerts uses New Relic to monitor each channel’s program data and triggers alerts for any missing or corrupted programming.  These alerts can be connected to dedicated Slack Channels alerting stakeholders of potential programming issues coming up in the future giving them time to reach out to their channel providers to correct the issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, no. Some of our clients have over 500 channels in their lineup. 

Yes we do, provided you have an agreement with Gracenote you can synch you program titles and channel EPG though the CMS.

The short answer is yes. SSAI, CDN, S3 can all be connected to your own AWS account. However, there are considerations you need to be aware of.  If you are interested in running this service within your own AWS environment please connect with one of our solutions managers. 

We provide delivery feeds to over 50 plus partners including some of today’s top channel schedulers like Amagi, WURL, Frequency. We also have a shared storage solution with Veset.  Please contact us to learn more. 

Yes, As a matter of fact, the majority of our clients also use us to manage their entire On Demand library whether it’s for direct-to-consumer or syndication to third party platforms. 

Yes. We do for both VOD and FAST Linear Channels.

Yes, we do!  Contact us to find out more.

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