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API Features

Optimized API Endpoints

Features like screen-specific endpoints for common use cases, effective cache policies ensuring fast response times, and clear documentation let developers iterate quickly to deliver a modern & performant experience to their customers. Additional device-specific routes enable minimal queries to retrieve data-heavy payloads. These are endpoints optimized for low CPU devices like Rolu sticks and older Amazon Fire TV sticks. Flexible query parameters can be leveraged to deliver a different content experiences on every device and on-demand page.


A full suite of monetization endpoints to support any business model - AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, or a mixture .

Easy to set up macros & extensive platform specific ad scheduling capabilities make it easy to collaborate with your ads team to meet business goals. 

Manage the entire subscriber life-cycle of your customers. Whether it’s our comprehensive integration with our partner Chargify for complex business requirements, or decoupled billing through Braintree & the various app stores, we have a route to help you achieve it.

We handle all the business logic for TVOD and PPV entitlements, and a “build it once” architecture lets you re-use almost all your subscription code for individual transactions.


  • Start off under our Auth0 umbrella or bring your own account
  • Adobe Primetime integration to allow you to interface with cable networks and service providers
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Rights Management

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  • Concurrent stream session limiting
  • Concurrent login session management
  • Advanced content owner security requirements supported through our
  • Integration with industry leader & partner CastLabs

EPG / FAST Channels

Single endpoint architecture with a plethora of options to deliver a performant EPG for any device. Easily fetch a couple of programs, or a couple of weeks worth of programming, and control response sizes for under-powered devices.

Search with Suggestors

Elastic indexing with instant updates from our CMS allows for blazing fast search with the ability to suggest titles, crew and cast with auto-fill rules and metadata weighting.

Image Manipulation

Manipulate the formats & dimensions of all your assets on the fly, allowing you to address the performance needs of any device. After being generated, all images are cached in our CDN to ensure quick response times.

DMA/SGA Localization

Extensive support for Nielsen Designated Marketing Areas allowing the targeting of specific TV markets for Broadcasters.


A variety of publishing-related Webhooks are available to take your integration to the next level. Synergize with your existing systems to be notified of changes to your content in dotstudioPRO.

Personalization Endpoints

  • User-specific Watch Lists
  • Continue watching and watch again
  • IRIS personalized recommendations with Context and Experience targeting
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