OTT Express Apps

OTT Express Apps

Be direct-to-consumer
in weeks, not months.

We can plug-in unique engagement opportunities from in-app shopping, chat, and content sharing. 

Tell us your OTT dreams, we’ll make it happen quickly through our templated apps.

Be up and running in weeks

Our templated app solution can be easily deployed across Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, IOS.

Customize your experience

They can be easily customized to suit your needs and the experience you want for your viewers.

Monetize any way you want

Propel your business through advanced monetization capabilities across Avod, Tvod, Svod and Live Linear options.

Supported Apps


  • Splash Video Screen

  • Login Registration (Opt-in for AVOD)

  • Homepage

  • Featured Carousel

  • Category Rails

  • Category Pages

  • Chanel Pages

  • 4K Playback support

  • Seasonal Episodic Pages

  • Native Video Player Support

  • Ad Player SDK

  • Watch Again

  • Continue Watching

  • Recommended Titles

  • Search
  • Search Suggestor & Autocomplete

  • Web Device Login Code

  • Facebook Login & Code

  • In-App Payment support

  • SVOD

  • TVOD

  • AVOD

  • Google Analytics

  • Appsflyer

  • Firebase

  • In App Notifications for updates

  • Bif Files support

  • Closed Caption, Subtitles

  • Casting (mobile only)

  • WordPress API Integration (mobile only)

Case Study

Local Now’s OTT network and improving monetization strategies

Case Study

Re-imagining OTT interactivity for
Indian Paintbrush
and extending their content lifespan

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