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Establishing a video content management system is a bit like moving into a new home. Imagine finding the attic stacked with piles of unmarked DVDs. Even worse, rather than being in one central location, they’re strewn across the entire house. With no way to see what there is, sort, or quickly catalog the collection, they’re not much value to you. A video content management system solves this problem by allowing you to organize, store, and share content quickly and accurately.

A video CMS allows content owners, producers, and broadcasters to automate video organization, searches, management, distribution, and monetization. With a centralized video library, you can categorize content based on metadata such as titles, tags, and descriptions. Without no need for deep technical expertise on your part, the software solution will transcode and deliver your video content to multiple applications and channels from a single dashboard.

A robust video content management system makes managing content internally and sharing it externally possible—without any IT headaches. If you want to remain competitive in the OTT market, it’s essential to use an automated video CMS.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of automating your video CMS—and how this will set you apart.

Video Content Management System
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Why You MUST Have a Video Content Management System (CMS)

Managing, organizing, distributing, and monetizing your video library across multiple platforms comes with a great deal of complexities.

As a content owner, you’ll know that video content requires significantly more storage than other digital media types. Since online streaming platforms require high-quality video streaming capabilities and the ability to handle huge amounts of traffic, regular hosting and content management systems just don’t cut it. Not only does video data often exceed capabilities, but the lack of key features significantly decreases your team's productivity.

Adopting a robust video content management system is essential to overcome problems such as:

Scattered Content

When files are stored in different locations, on different management systems, or on different devices, finding a specific video becomes a nightmare. It’s laborious, repetitive, confusing, and a time guzzler. Accessibility is limited, different systems aren’t always compatible, and you lose a great deal of productive time. This translates into money wasted and opportunities lost.

A video content management system offers a single hub from which to manage all your content. Not only does it simplify storage, but you can find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds through automated search features, anywhere at any time. Additionally, content sharing only takes a few simple clicks. All these features free you from technical complexities and having to hire costly IT staff and developers.

Upload and Storage of Heavy Media Content

A quality video CMS supports huge media galleries without a problem. It enables batch uploads which saves hours of time. It also maintains the integrity of video content, preserving the original quality.


Delivery delays, playback issues, and poor video quality can affect video the end-user experience. This is harmful to your reputation, not only in drawing viewers but also advertisers and broadcast channels. No matter how good your videos are, if the viewing quality is poor, it is of no value. Once you have a reputation for poor quality, it’s hard to recover and re-establish yourself and your brand.

Video Performance Insights

Data offers insights into your audience's demographics, consumer behavior, geographic location, and view counts. Leverage this insight to adjust your marketing strategies and cater to viewers’ preferences.

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Video CMS the PRO Way: Why Automation Is Key

Automating your video content management system means leveraging technology to supercharge your productivity and content library management. Automation improves the quality of your workflow, including during the creation, captioning, and distribution processes. This helps you save time and money and facilitates brand-consistent messaging.

So what does this look like in your everyday workflow?

dotstudioPRO’s automated video content management system offers multiple ways to organize, distribute, and monetize your video content effortlessly. You can prepare, sort, and manage small or large video libraries of movies, short-form content, and episodes with features like:

  • Automated ingest with MRSS and CSV import
  • Automated metadata set-ups
  • More than 15 batch organization tools—according to video type, season, language, genre, and more
  • Automatic geo-blocking
  • Dynamic playlist organization for multi-platform distribution
  • Automatic publishing to multiple destinations with preconfigured delivery specifications
  • Several monetization tools in a single dashboard
  • Integration and support for leading SSAI providers
  • Multiple third-party pre-integrated options for analytics

In addition, our video content management system easily integrates with any existing workflow or CMS you already use. This empowers you to instantly extend functionality with the added capabilities and automated workflows of dotstudioPRO’s video CMS OTT distribution solution.

dotstudioPRO: Your Comprehensive Solution to OTT Distribution

Monetizing your video content across multiple platforms is a complicated endeavor. To remain competitive, you proactively need to adapt to constantly changing technologies, business models, and audience preferences. Trying to stay ahead with legacy infrastructures doesn’t work in the complex world of OTT video distribution.

At dotstudioPRO, we’re experts in the business—and that means we understand your challenges firsthand. Our team brings a unique set of skills to effectively help develop your OTT strategy. We assess your resources, business model, and tech stack, and offer customized solutions to help you consolidate legacy infrastructures (or create a new OTT property entirely).

DotstudioPRO’s award-winning video content management system features an easy-to-use dashboard that doesn’t require technical expertise. You save on hours of manual work and don’t need an extensive or costly staff complement.

Our OTT infrastructure and system integration empowers you to increase performance, decrease costs, improve reporting, and ultimately maximize your video content distribution ROI. Contact us today and see the full potential of your video content come to life.

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